My Professional Work

“This guy is creative and a problem solver”  - Rudy

worker at TAMU

Worker at Texas A&M University Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

  • My responsibilities included maintaining, organizing and summarizing results of cotton gin experiments, highlighting notable problem areas.
  • Applied coding skills to develop an algorithm to perform image analysis on an image datasets. Created a classification system to establish quality standards for future image datasets.
  • Inspecting, utilizing, and maintaining research equipment and machinery used to conduct experiments at the designated work location.

Variety Trial Validation: A Framework to Incorporate on-Farm Data

Variety trial validation is a framework to incorporate on-farm data. This study presents a predictive model for official cultivar trial yields, an innovative solution to the absence of cultivar selection tools based on on-farm data.

  • Historical data indicates that cultivar selection is widely accepted to be the most important decision a farmer makes during the year.
  • This decision establishes a maximum possible yield and quality, based on the genetic potential of the cultivar.
  • Raul Sebastian(1) , Robert G. Hardin(1)
    (1)Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Edward M. Barnes(2)
    (2)Cotton Incorporated, Cary, NC
    Jason K Ward(3)
    (3)NC State University, Raleigh, NC
    Wesley M Porter(4)
    (4)University of Georgia, Tifton, GA
    Michael T. Plumblee(5)
    (5)Clemson University, Blackville, SC
     John D. Wanjura(6)
    (6)USDA-ARS Cotton Production and Processing Research Unit, Lubbock, TX